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10 Second Zombie
Have you ever felt bad for a zombie?

What would it be like to be a zombie just trying to live your unlife?
It would suck!

In honor of the launch of Zombie Jerky, Aaron Rasmussen and Jon Brence of Harcos Labs, with help from their friends and fellow cast members over at SMBC Theater, have created "10 Second Zombie": a web-series featuring a zombie that just can't quite get the hang of living amongst "the living".

The new web series stars James Ashby (Snowflakes, SMBC Theater). The initial launch of the series included three episodes, with plans on releasing a new episode every Tuesday.

Check out all the released episodes below, become a fan on Facebook, and subscribe to the 10 Second Zombie YouTube page! You can also purchase your own Zombie Jerky over at the Harcos Labs webstore.

Watch All Current Episodes of "10 Second Zombie"

Special Thanks:
Zach Weiner and SMBC Theater, Jordan Groves, Felicia Tabrizi, & Jason Axinn.
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